The Gel Manicure has been around for some time now. The promise has always been a long lasting durable polish that was healthier for your nails. Unfortunately not all Gel Manicures in Las Vegas are the same. Misunderstandings of the product and it's proper application and removal procedures among technicians mean there are great differences in the results and benefits the client receives.

If you have been disappointed with a gel application elsewhere that did not live up to the hype. Meaning it did not last, faded, peeled or chipped right away, you know exactly what we are talking about. Maybe it just looked funny, was not sharp or clean, or had bumps or inconsistencies? These are all signs your tech was not properly applying the gel.

Our staff pioneered gel application and technique when the product first was introduced and have stayed current with the numerous advancements and nuances of the many different types of gel available today.Its not enough to offer a large product and color assortment, your staff has to be proficient and educated as well. e have tested nearly every brand of gel to ever hit the market and know which ones offer our clients the best results and have trained each staff member to achieve them.

Our clients routinely enjoy a chip-less polish that lasts 2,3 even 4 weeks. Our diligent preparation sets the foundation for a flawless look that is guaranteed not to chip, lift, peel or fade for 7 days. A Gel application is the ideal break or rejuvenation choice from acrylic nails.  Our gels are not only long lasting, but they look amazing:

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We invite you to experience the difference our expertise makes.

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